Take Advantage of a Long Break

With winter break fast approaching, you likely fall in one of two camps — you either know exactly what you’re going to do or you have no idea. One of the unique aspects of college life that separates it from full-on adulting is that, as a student, you have several long breaks from classwork to take advantage of. Winter break, spring break, summer break, and fall break all come around and all offer some nice time away from studies. But what do you do with that time? if you’re one of those people who knows they want to do something, but not what, well, then this article is for you! The following is a look at some fun and unique ways to either get out of your Junction Cottages and Townhomes apartment or maximize your time in it during your next college break:

5 Ways to Take Advantage of an Extended School Break

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter. While the Junction Cottages & Townhomes is uniquely pet-friendly and open to even dogs of all sizes, not every college student is ready for pet ownership. And that’s okay! It’s smart to wait until you are ready to make the time and financial commitment to a dog or cat. But if you are missing out on pet cuddles in the meantime, then consider taking advantage of your winter break to volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue. At such organizations, you’ll get to enjoy the best parts of pet ownership, dog walks and fetch and cat cuddles and playtime, without the expense or long-term commitment. If you’re feeling like volunteering but you’re not an animal person, then don’t forget there are plenty of people also in need of help. Check out the local soup kitchen and other community groups to see what type of help they need during this season.
  • Get back into an old hobby or experiment with a new one. Did you love watercolors as a kid but lost track of it amongst other things? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to play ukelele int he park but never got around to learning? The long breaks between college sessions offer a perfect time to take a few days and really experiment with new hobbies and activities and see what it is you love.
  • Experiment with new recipes. If you’ve only been eating ramen and frozen pizza because you ‘haven’t had enough time’ to cook something healthy and good, then a college break is the best time to start learning new recipes. Learning how to properly bake and cook full meals can be time-consuming as you need to find recipes, gather the right ingredients, and experiment so that you can find the right balance of taste, budget, and cooking time for you. Doing this the first time will always take the most time and so a winter break or long weekend offers the perfect excuse to give yourself that time. Here on our Junction Cottages & Townhomes, you’ll find several great recipes to start with. 
  • Go somewhere new. Have a car? Have a friend with a car? Then why not say goodbye to College Station and hello to the open road. Go explore somewhere new and try something new. Traveling doesn’t have to expensive as thanks to hostels, campgrounds, and AirBnBs, you can easily find spaces to sleep in other cities for under $30/night and you can wake up to whole new experiences. College breaks are a perfect time to do this type of travel as you don’t have any hard responsibilities or schedules to work around. 
  • Cash in with a seasonal gig. If you don’t already have a job or are otherwise in need of some fast and easy cash, then the winter break offers some great fast cash opportunities. UPS and other delivery companies are almost always on the hunt for seasonal workers while most retail shops and restaurants are almost always going to be eager to hire on a couple of people for just this month and the busy season leading up to the first week of January. If you prefer more care-taking roles, then consider looking for local nanny or pet-sitting gigs for the holidays. Many parents find themselves in sudden need of a babysitter for their own kids’ spring breaks while other pet owners need to leave for the holiday but can’t take their pets. 

We Hope You Enjoy Your College Break No Matter What You Do

Our team at the Junction Cottages and Townhomes hope you enjoy this upcoming college break no matter what you decide to do — and that includes lounging right here at home. We work hard to provide a comforting and attractive environment so that you also have plenty of options for things to do right here. From our onsite fitness center to the pool to the game room, there is a lot right here for you to enjoy by yourself or with your new college friends (or even visiting high school ones).

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