Ides of March? Toga Time!

ides of march toga party

Sure, the Ides of March isn’t an official holiday, but the date does have enough history that warrants it as a good time to throw a party. Especially as this year the Ides of March (aka March 15) conveniently falls on a Friday! For those not in the know, this was the day poor Caesar was killed by his friends, but it was also seen as the first day of spring on the Roman calendar and, back in those ancient days, it was the first day of many spring-oriented festivals. So why not celebrate like the ancient Romans? Check out these tips for throwing a steller toga party in your College Station apartment:

3 Tips for Throwing a Stellar Roman-Themed Toga Party

  • Roman decorations. First off, togas should be a hard requirement for all attendees to really set the mood. You might even grab a few spares from the local dollar store for guests who try to sneak in without. But to really set the mood for the party, consider searching the thrift stores the week before for some plastic columns, pedestals, and statue busts to set up in the main room. Artsy hosts might make them out of cardboard or paper mache. Other nice decorating touches include grape leaf garlands with string lights and faux or real grapes tucked around the apartment.
  • Don’t forget the headbands. In addition to having some spare sheets on hand, consider making some headbands. There are a lot of great rescources for making cheap and easy Roman-era headbands, but this blog offers a particularly great approach with some simple fake laurel and gold spray paint. Go head to toe in Roman-themed attire with these DIY sandals.
  • Food buffet style. The Romans loved their buffets — which makes it easy for students to replicate a toga party. Cover a long table or the countertop with a white or burgundy tablecloth to match the theme and fill it up. Good Roman-themed food items include olives, oysters, cheeses, falafel and tzatziki, and grilled meats such as these mouth-watering yogurt-marinated lamb kebabs.

Have Fun, Take Pictures

The rest of the details are up to you. Simply remember to have fun and be sure to let your neighbors know that you’re planning on being a bit loud the night of. Such is also a great time to invite them over to join in the fun and make new friends

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