5 Sunday Habits That Prep for a More Productive Week

sunday habits for better week

Fridays and Saturdays get a lot of attention in that these are the days many plan their weekends around. Friday evenings and nights spent out at college football games and parties with new friends. Meanwhile, Saturdays are the perfect day for new adventures and explorations. But what about Sundays? Sundays tend to be the days of sleeping in or last-minute study sessions. Or maybe you use this day to head down to pool at the center of the Junction Cottages & Townhomes property. Or invite friends over to play games in the Resident Entertainment Den. 

But as great as Sundays are, with it also comes the threat of Mondays with the return to class and the start of another school week full of assignments, quizzes, and exams. Aka the Sunday Scaries! A good way to ensure that you both have a great week and great weekend is to use Sunday not just to relax, but also to plan out and prep the coming week. This doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, but it does take practice. Once you get into that practice, however, you will find yourself having a much easier transition from weekend to week and back again. Get started today by getting into the habit of these productive-generating habits:

5 Sunday Habits That Lead Into a More Productive Week

  1. Avoid sleeping in. This isn’t to say you need to wake up at the same time during the weekdays. Rather, just that you should try and avoid sleeping in until noon. The weekend is a great time to get a couple of hours of extra sleep, especially if you enjoy the partying part of college. However, excessively sleeping in can be a hard habit to break. Plus, the longer you sleep, the less you can get done.
  2. Plan out your week. Take fifteen minutes or so out of your Sunday to sit and write down all the big things you need to get done over the upcoming week. Use this time to plan out what assignments you are going to do and when. Or what out-of-school events you have coming up and things you need to get for them. Experiment with different ways of doing this. Meaning, try a weekly written-down planner, a physical calendar, and different digital apps and calendars. Find the right system for you and it will help you go a long way in improving your organization and weekly productivity. 
  3. Go grocery shopping and meal prepping. There are good reasons why grocery stores are crowded on Sundays. Everyone else knows that getting your meals planned and items bought then goes a long way in keeping the week organized! That said, as a college student you do have a bit more flexibility in your schedule. So, if you hate crowded shopping centers then maybe switch to doing this on Monday. Either way, starting your week off with a full refrigerator and an idea of all the meals you’ll eat helps you be more productive. Plus, planning out meals and not trying to impromptu shop or dine tends to save people money.
  4. Set aside some time for cleaning. Waking up Monday morning to a clean and uncluttered space is amazing. Coming home after a bad first day of the week to a fresh-smelling and organized room can and often will boost your mood back up. But the only way to enjoy those benefits for tomorrow is by getting started today. Make it a habit to spend an hour cleaning up and decluttering the messy areas of your Junction Cottages & Townhomes apartment. Get rid of that junk mail and old papers and finish up the dishes. 
  5. Include some self-care. Finally, set some time aside on Sunday for self-care. This means do something that makes you feel good, that feels like a treat. Self-care is anything that preserves and improves your mental and emotional health. So, maybe it’s a long bath with a new novel or it’s taking a walk on the nature trail with your best friend. For introverts, self-care tends to be something done by themselves. In contrast, extroverts often need their friends and families to boot up their mental and emotional batteries. Find what makes you feel better about the end of the week and try and commit an hour every Sunday to that.

Don’t Forget About the Restorative Spaces at the Junction Cottages & Townhomes

Not sure what to do for self-care? Well, you might start with all the amenities you have as part of your residency here. Within a short walk of your front door, you can enjoy a swim in the resort-style pool. Or, for real pampering, relax in the sauna or steam room. Or if your self-care is in the form of getting fitter, then head down to the state-of-the-art fitness center or spin room. Extroverts, organize a weekly volleyball game at the on-site sand volleyball court! And if you have any questions about any of these amenities or others, don’t hesitate to contact our staff!

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