Local Shops for Halloween Supplies

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Last year, just over 58,000 students were enrolled at TAMU. Given that College Station has a resident population of 100,000, it’s not a stretch to say that most students aren’t from around here. Sound familiar?

This isn’t a large city, certainly not when compared to nearby Houston, Austin, or Dallas-Ft. Worth. But it can seem overwhelming for newcomers, especially when you’re on the hunt for specifics like holiday supplies. Maybe you’re needing a worn leather jacket to complete your Halloween costume, or something special to make your decorations pop. Well, to expedite your shopping and better navigate your new hometown, consider the following:

3 Key Spots to Snag Halloween Supplies

  • Wally’s Party Factory at 1659 Texas Ave.  Located around the corner from the campus golf course, this is the only full-time party store in the area. Not exactly the best in Texas, but Wally’s will be decked out for Halloween. They also offer a good selection of cards, gift bags, and other holiday essentials throughout the year.  (Hint: this is where to grab your fam cards to let them know you care).
  • Heart of Texas Goodwill Industries at 2704 Texas Ave.  This is the go-to thrift store in town. Especially when it comes to buying Halloween supplies on a budget. It’s unique as it carries both new and pre-owned items, plus there’s always a well-labeled seasonal section. We recommend this Goodwill for those extra odd and ends around your room and to complete any 80s or 90s themed costume you’re planning.
  • The Wandering Flamingo at 212 N. Main St.  We saved the best for last. Store owner and local fashionista Nikki Neuzil keeps this store stocked with only real, authentic vintage clothing and items. This is where you want to go for a one-of-a-kind 50s dress for under $20, authentic Pradas made pre-1980s, and jewelry that’ll have you swooning. It’s also the place for old records, cowboy boots, and knick knacks to accentuate your room. In short, if you’re in need of something more high fashion — or hard-to-find fashion — to complete your Halloween costume, then the Wandering Flamingo is your spot. But keep it also on your radar for future city explorations.

Of course, this just scratches the surface of go-to shops in College Station. Subscribe to our blog for future hot spots, or comment with your own favorite finds.



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