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10 Cute and Funny Doormats

What better way to set the tone for your college domicile than with a greeting that will prepare your guests for the best time of their lives? But who wants to spend time researching doormats when they could be enjoying time at the pool? We went ahead and did the hard work for you by finding the top ten funny doormats of all time!

You Better Have Pizza Doormat by Lulu and Georgia

You’re in college. Pizza is a staple. And your friends better be carrying a hot piece of pie for you. Otherwise they can just turn around and head back to Papa John’s. Epic pizza party starts right now!

You’re Like, Really Pretty Doormat by Be There in Five

While this doormat is both expensive and girly, I think this would look even better in front of a guy’s apartment. Think of it as the doormat version of Ryan Gosling’s Hey Girl meme.

Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal by Desert Domicile

Pay your respects to the BEST Christmas movie of all time with this angry little doormat. If you’re not DIY capable, there’s even a link to purchase a version from Fab.

DIY Cute Shoes Doormat by Divine Caroline

Your girl squad’s shoe game is on fleek. So why not just pre-game a little with this compliment. Bonus points for instagram snaps that showcase those cute shoes on the cute doormat!

DIY Watermelon Doormat by Elyse Wanshel

This DIY doormat with watermelon, lemons, and cherries made with sponges is just too freaking cute. You can even pick up everything for this project at Walmart. Bonus points for being crafty and thrifty!

Hello From The Other Side Doormat by Inspire Life Today

Oh Adele, you had us at hello. Put this homage to your favorite Brit at your front door and you’ll have your guests whistling the entire 25 album before they hit the doorbell.

Cactus Doormat by Nickel Designs Shop

This cactus printed doormat is pretty awesome. Especially if you’re a transfer student from Arizona. Or just a big desert lover. You could even DIY a version of this by creating your own stencil with clip art from Google images!

Aloha, Beaches! Doormat by Nickel Designs Shop

Those silly beaches, always coming over to your house! Tell them hello with this Hawaiian punch of a doormat, full of pineapples and cheeky humor.

DIY Whalecome Doormat by At Home in Love

Are you a handlettering queen? Well then break out all your skills for a whale of a good time. Bonus points if you make it a narwhal!

Bye Felicia! Doormat by Shop Josie B

That silly Felicia, she’s always going somewhere! Pass on your hellos and goodbyes with this cheeky doormat that your mom just won’t get.

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