Tips for a Top Friendsgiving Party

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friendsgiving party

There’s plenty of reasons to throw a Friendsgiving party. Maybe you’re staying in town for Thanksgiving or maybe you just love a reason to double-up on the stuffing. Whatever the case, throwing a thankful bash for your friends and roommates is bound to be appreciated by all who come. Friendsgiving is a celebration of that second family, the new people in your life with whom you share your every day trials and triumphs with. So make it memorable with the following key dinner party tips:

Tips for Hosting the Best Friendsgiving Dinner Party

  • You don’t have to do it all! Delegate the fun! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if this is your first big dinner party. The best way to keep things fun and interesting is to go for a potluck approach and delegate some of the cooking responsibilities. Share an online signup sheet and have people list what they’re going to bring. You might also make a general suggestion list and have your guests cross off from there. Potlucks are an especially good idea if you have friends with dietary restrictions (i.e. vegan, keto, etc.) so you don’t have to over-worry about ensuring they have something to eat.
  • Plan out the counter space (and maybe add some). Every apartment at the Junction Cottages & Townhomes comes with a large kitchen boasting tons of counter space. But while this is plenty of counter space for your day-to-day needs, it might not quite be enough for a big Friendsgiving party. Especially if you need a portion of the counter for food prep and cleaning. So before the big day arrives, consider going out and getting a cheap collapsible table and some nice tablecloths to supplement what you already have. Setting up this type of temporary counter space also gives guests an easy go-to location to drop off their items at. Depending upon your invite list, you might also want to grab some extra foldable chairs so that everyone has a seat at the table.
  • Don’t forget the reason behind the holiday. Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving are about more than just turkey and stuffing. This is a time to reflect and be thankful about what you have done in this past year and the people with whom you’ve been able to share your experiences with. So don’t let this event just be a dinner party with special gravy! Make space for people to share what they’re thankful for. If you’re not into teary-eyed speeches, consider covering the table or a closet door with packing paper. Then draw lines or circles encouraging guests to write why they’re thankful or #blessed.

Now Go Out and Start Planning!

With these tips and Friendsgiving strategies in mind, you’re ready to throw the best event of the year. So go on and grab your shopping list and get started!

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