Favorite Fall Traditions

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We know you’re living in College Station to focus on school. But college is also about becoming an adult, making new friends, and creating your own traditions. And after an insane amount of hours spent in class or studying, you need to cut loose a bit to destress.

Here’s some of our favorite fall semester traditions that don’t involve the classroom!


Game day brings the TAMU football fight song blaring throughout campus. The theme music immediately inspires team spirit. Going to a home football game to support the Aggies is a perfect way to celebrate fall. Whether you are attending for the first time or a yearly season ticket holder, the roar of the crowd is an unforgettable experience.


Along with celebrating a home football game, tailgating is a fun, fall tradition for everyone to enjoy. Gathering in the parking lot to watch friends and fans filter into the stadium is part of the football experience. Especially at TAMU, the tailgating capital of the United States!

  • Grilling hot dogs
  • Throwing the football
  • Listening to stories

You can impress your friends and family with these easy grilled dinners (perfect for a crowd!) and tailgating recipes from Northpoint Crossing

Hot Drinks

The slightest change in fall temperatures calls for warm beverages. Sharing homemade hot cocoa or mulled apple cider with friends is a perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Or be basic and pick up a Pumpkin Spice latte! Bonus points if you wear this adorable fall outfit!

Simple Decorations

Decorating in a fall theme adds to the festive season. Going to find the perfect pumpkin with friends is part of the experience. A local pumpkin patch allows for a variety of decoration choices with gourds and every size pumpkin imaginable.

Fall traditions are about making memories. Go to a football game, eat unhealthy tailgating food, find a pumpkin, and enjoy the season. What are your favorite fall semester traditions?


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