Easy Recipes for Tailgatin’ Saturdays

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easy tailgating recipes

Oh, sweet August and the return of the college football season! How we love thee! If you’re new to TAMU, then it’s important to know just how much we love our Aggie football and how watching the team play is a sport and activity all unto itself. The first game of the season is the last Saturday of August, with four more following suit every weekend of September. The first two September Saturday games are happening right here at Kyle Field, but the last two are away. For these latter events, we expect that many Junction residents are going to head down to the Pool House to watch the game on the big screen tv we have there. We welcome you to come join in the fun! Or maybe you have your own game day watching plans? Either way, an important aspect of every watch party is food.

The following are a few of our favorite quick and easy recipes that are great for college football Saturdays and doubly equally well for those who need easy snacks for studying Sundays:

Easy Recipes for Tailgatin’ Saturdays (and Studyin’ Sundays)

  • Mini-beef sandwiches with slaw. Keto and similar low-carb diets and food lifestyles are gaining popularity not just because they help lose weight, but also because low carb intakes can have positive benefits like improving mental focus and reducing fatigue. While that may be true, you don’t have to nix all carbs. We love this simple recipe that offers just the right amount mix of foods to satisfy cravings whether you’re on the couch enjoying the game or hitting the books. Plus, everyone likes little finger foods on the menu!
  • Sunny broccoli salad.   This recipe is messier but it is also packed with flavor and nutrients, making it a healthier overall option. We particularly like how its sunflower kernels and bacon bits give the dish a satisfying crunch with every bite. Just make sure to bring small plates and silverware so everyone can grab a scoop. This snack is particularly a good choice for frustrated last-minute studiers as broccoli has been shown to improve memory and happiness.
  • Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing. Another perk of living at the Junction Cottages & Townhomes are the outdoor grilling stations located just a short distance from the Pool House. So why not be traditional with your tailgating and throw some chicken wings and drums on the grill before the game?

Have other favorite recipes? Share in the comments!

Of course, these are just a couple of our favorite top snack picks for tailgating and study sessions. Share your favorites in the comments!

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