4 Fun DIY Planner Ideas

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It’s important to challenge yourself with ambitious new year’s resolutions and goals as they will help propel you forward in life. However, as author Antoine de Saint-Exupery once mused, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Planners are key for mapping out milestones, staying organized, and keeping users on track to meet their goals. While there are plenty of organization apps designed for the tech-savvy, many people do best with a physical planner. Planners you can touch and are readily available for physical additions and visual reminders. Plus, they’re fun to make. Just consider the following great DIY planners you can create to better help you keep track of your life and stay on target for your 2017 goals:

DIY Planner Ideas for 2017

  • Combo Command Center.  A key home organization tip is having a command center space near where you and others enter your home. At minimum, this should be a side table or desk with a basket where you can throw your keys, wallet, and incoming mail you aren’t ready to sort through. Upgrade this spot by hanging Image result for leslie knope plannersomething like this combined calendar and organizational system above it. This upcycled window offers a place for you to organize mail and outgoing items, make lists, and schedule weekly events.
  • Chalk Calendar & Organizer. Supersizing your schedule makes it near impossible for you to overlook key dates and events. A wall-size calendar also gives you plenty of space to layout a complete timeline for a project. Plus there’s the satisfaction of erasing completed tasks. Check out these chalk calendar and organizer ideas that can be had with just a roller, tape, and a can of chalkboard paint.
  • Personalize a Store-Bought Planner.  Let’s face it, standard store-bought planners are often too basic, failing to perfectly mesh with your organization style. Thankfully, sometimes it just takes a few well-placed sticky labels and post-its to customize the right sections and categories you need. Check out this concise breakdown of how to transform a Planner Pad into a bright, versatile, and customized planning tool built to meet your scheduling needs.
  • Build a Planner from the Ground Up.  One of the best parts of cold winter weather is that it gives us an ideal excuse to stay inside and get crafty. If you want to combine planner with scrapbooking a la Leslie Knope, then this glitter-loving tutorial is just for you.

Have your own best-of planner or must-make calendar? Share it with us in the comments!


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