Why Cats are Great College Companions

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One of the great qualities about the Junction Cottages & Townhomes is that it’s especially pet-friendly. Just around the corner of the Clubhouse, you’ll find a nifty Dog Spa pet washing station that makes it easy to clean off dogs before you bring them indoors. But dogs aren’t the only pet companion you can bring into your apartment at the Junction. In fact, for many college students, a much better choice for a furry companion may be a cat.

Now, hear us out! We know there are a ton of dog lovers out there (including ourselves!) and this article surely isn’t trying to step in on the dog vs. cat debate. But puppies and dogs can be a bit much for the hardworking, mult-tasking hero that is the modern day college student. Thus, if you don’t have a pet but are feeling a bit lonely in your Junction Cottages & Townhomes apartment, here are a few great reasons why you should consider adding a feline friend to the mix:

3 Reasons Why Cats Make For Great College Companions

  • They cost less than a dog. Worried about the annual costs of pet ownership? Then you’ll appreciate this handy breakdown of what new pet owners can expect to spend during their first year as a pet owner. A cat, on average, will cost just over $1,000 which is half that of a large dog.
  • Much more independent. One thing that the spreadsheet doesn’t take into account is boarding and walking fees. If you travel a lot or plan on working while also going to school, then a dog will probably need some doggie daycare, boarding, or extra paid walks. In contrast, cats can be pretty much left alone, even if its for a few days, thanks to automatic feeders, waterers, and even litter boxes.
  • Just as, if not more, playful and loving. Yes, dogs and puppies will come tearing around the hallway to come to greet you while cats typically will approach you much more on their own time. That said, cats and kittens still have their own brand of love and seem to always know when their owner is in need of some cuddles. These domesticated beasts also still have plenty of fighting moves from their outdoor days and are plenty capable of keeping both you and themselves well entertained with aerial jumps, toy swats, and more.

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Have questions about bringing a pet home to your Junction Cottages & Townhomes apartment? Don’t hesitate to bring them down to our front desk and learn more about making the transition into pet owner.

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