What to Bring Freshman Year

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July is an interesting in-between time. It’s the height of Summer II classes and preparedness of incoming fall freshman. Whether you just moved into the student apartments at The Junction or are just getting started on packing, it is daunting to determine what to leave and what to bring. Sure, there are the standard packing lists but sometimes they focus too much on just the basic (yes, obviously, you need pillows and sheets).

The following is a look at some of the not-so-obvious yet just as critical items you should definitely bring with you for your freshman year:

3 Items That Can Significantly Improve Freshman Year Living

  • Small toolbox.  Shelvings come loose and sometimes inspiration comes at the oddest times. Bring a small toolbox complete with screwdrivers, pliers, and an adjustable wrench. This way when something breaks or you need to build something up, you don’t have to wait for maintenance. Throw in some duct tape for a quick fix for just about everything.
  • Small netbook.  Netbooks like ACER Chromebooks are amazingly versatile and affordable. In fact, most are available for between $125 and $200. They’re light and fit easily into a backpack with a design well equipped to handle the daily rigors of hectic college courses. Should it become broken, lost or even stolen, it’s low price point means you won’t be as brokenhearted as you if it had it been $1,200 Macbook. If you use this as your main computer, you can always head to the TAMU computer lab should you need something with more compatibilities (bring a USB flash drive). If you already have a computer, this makes as a great on-the-go laptop.
  • Bicycle.  Used or new it doesn’t matter. The TAMU main campus is just a short ride from The Junction. No matter what building your classes are in, you can bike right up to the front instead of spending valuable time finding a spot. In contrast, driving, parking, and then walking can easily take three times the time. Enjoy sleeping in, not rushing, and overall not stressing about getting to classes on-time? A bike is calling for you.

We understand all of these represent a bit more of an investment than the standard shower caddy recommendations. And no, you don’t need these items to enjoy a successful first year. However, all three of them are additions that can greatly enhance your life. They also are relatively inexpensive if you shop around. Feel confident that you can fix minor troubles, that you won’t lose an important document because everything you typed up is immediately saved thanks to netbook’s Cloud computing, and that you can sleep in without worrying about traffic woes.

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