Creative Roommate Bonding Tips

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roommate bonding

With fall semester well on its way and you getting settled into your Junction Cottages & Townhomes apartments, now’s a great time to spend some time getting to know your roommates. Even if you were friends with your roommates before you moved in, it’s still a good idea to put in some bonding time. That’s because living with someone is a whole lot different than even a close friendship. Roommates get to see each other when they are most vulnerable and in all their humanity glory. It’s rough but it’s also a key step of moving into adulthood. You can, however, make things easier and help jumpstart a better relationship with your roommate with the following creative bonding tips:

3 Creative Bonding Tips for Getting Closer With Roommates

  • Make a list of fun things to do by 2019 (and then craft a New Year’s Resolution list). Bucket lists are fun to make and even more fun to carry out. Best of all, doing exciting, unique things with anyone, whether it’s your roommate, new college friend, or sibling, is a fast track method to share some laughs, make some great memories, and ultimately bond. A few good examples of what we mean include going out to a karaoke night, making plans for a Halloween Horror house, or a long camping weekend.
  • Movie marathon or series binge night. Look, we love being outside but there invariably come days when all you’re gonna want to do is stay inside and recharge. For such days and nights, we recommend making a whole to-do of it. Grab your roommate and plan out y’alls favorite chick flics, horror films, or tv series to binge. Make it fun by pulling together your favorite snacks and drinks (maybe even have a baking sesh before the lights turn low).
  • Decorate the common areas together. Sure, you probably already have the basics squared away, but you can always add to them or change a look entirely. September is particularly a great time to do this as you’ll have had a touch of time to understand your roommates’ tastes and they yours. Find where you fit together and go out and grab some wall art and furnishings that everyone adores. You may also consider having a night where everyone paints or does crafts that can be added to the home decor.

The Main Part is to Focus on the Fun

Whether you opt for something from the above or find your own way of bonding with your roommates, the important thing is to focus on the fun. Even if everything goes awry, keep in mind that the goal here is to do things together. Such will make for happier living spaces and healthier relationships.


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