10 Best Restaurants in College Station

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Whether it’s a 3am kebab or a 6am covered and smothered hash brown, eating out with your squad is a mainstay of college life. In honor of that tradition, we’ve collected the top ten restaurants in College Station as rated by Yelp. We’ve even included a few nicer places to eat for when your parents visit!

Top Ten Restaurants in College Station

1. 1541

The baristas at 1541 specialize in latte art. Their foam masterpieces include cats, bears, butterflies, and even Olaf. The pastry chef might be even more talented than the baristas though.

Try or Die: Poblano Turnover

2. Mickey’s Sliders

It may not look like much from the outside, but Mickey’s is a local favorite. They have all kinds of sliders: burgers, chicken, pork, and cheesesteak. There’s even a fried chicken slider with a waffle bun.

Try or Die: The Willie Nelson

3. Taz

If you’ve never tried Indian food before (or if you have), Taz is the place to go. At dinner they offer a “First Time Special” to introduce you to standard dishes.

Try or Die: $12 Lunch Buffet

4. Shiraz Shish Kabob

Looking for fast and cheap Mediterranean food? Shiraz can’t be beat. The service is fantastic, the price is low, and the food is consistently delicious. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options.

Try or Die: Shiraz Shish Kabob

5. Shun De Mom Express

Hidden inside the BCS Asian Market, Shun De Mom can be hard to find. Once you find it, though, you can get some of the most authentic Asian food in the area.

Try or Die: Bibimbap

6. The Republic

Without exception, The Republic has the best beef in town. The only downside is that it’s a little pricey for the average college student ($31-60 per person). Maybe save this for when the parents are in town for graduation.

Try or Die: Chicken Fried Filet Mignon

7. 40 Tempura

Sometimes the only thing that gets you through your fourth lecture of the day is the thought of sushi at the end of it. Make sure you don’t show up between 3 and 5pm or your day will be ruined.

Try or Die: Literally any roll with tempura

8. Veritas

French-American-Asian Fusion. It sounds absolutely insane, but just give it a shot. Go for lunch on the regular, but save dinner for special occasions.

Try or Die: Wagyu Burger

9. Mad Taco

Tacos are the college student’s true best friend. They’re delicious, cheap, and it’s basically impossible to mess them up. Mad Taco has 14 different types of tasty tacos including veggie options.

Try or Die: G/Q – half guac, half queso, all delicious

10. Amico Nave

An Italian restaurant is the best place to go when you go out with your group. Everybody can find something they want and there are carbs for days.

Try or Die: Bacon Shrimp Diablo

So what’s your favorite restaurant in College Station? Let us know in the comments below!

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