Bedroom Organization Tips

One of the big benefits of living at the Junction Cottages & Townhomes is just how much living space you have. Especially when you compare our bedrooms to that of TAMU’s dorms. Of course, even though you’ll have more room to stretch out and enjoy your privacy, you still may have trouble fitting everything you need in an organized manner. And being organized is key to a successful semester! Studying is more productive in a clean room an organized space will feel more welcoming when you need a moment to yourself. So get started today with the following key bedroom organization tips:

Organization Tips for Your Bedroom at the Junction Cottages & Townhomes

  • Buy or make a mattress caddyMattress caddies, also called bedside pockets, are an incredibly useful tool for small spaces. They are also helpful if you don’t have a nightstand or if it’s already overcrowded with things. The various sized pockets on the caddy make it easy to store and organize your most-used items like your journal, headphones, cell phone, and more just within fingertips.
  • Get creative with tension rods.  Tension rods, such as you’ll find for showers and curtains, are incredibly useful organization tools. Grab a bunch of thin ones and use them to organize your shoes like this. You can also go beyond your bedroom and use these nifty things to hang up and organize your jewelry and cleaning supplies.
  • Stay atop of desk organization.  Even the most studious of students will have times when they have to study late into the evening and onto the morning. This means that your desk should and will become your best friend. It will serve as your command center and home base for all things course-related. So, it’s important to keep it clean and properly organized. Have a larger desk? Consider crafting up this DIY Lazy Susan to keep all your office supplies organized and at your fingertips. Have a lot of electronic devices? Follow this hack and tape a power strip to the side of your desk for easy, non-tangled access. Finally, everyone stands to benefit with the implementation of an organized office wall system like this or this.

Have Your Own Bedroom Organization Tips? Share in the Comments!

Do you have any of your own favorite tips and tricks for organizing your bedroom (and keeping it organized)? If so, share with the comments! We always love to hear and see the different ways residents choose to set up their new homes for maximum comfort and productivity.


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