Give Your College Apartment a More Grown-Up Look

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How To Decorate Your Dorm Like An Adult

While *technically* most incoming TAMU freshman are still teenagers, the reality is that moving into your first student apartment means you’re well on your way to adulting. No longer will somebody be there to assist with laundry, cleaning, cooking, or making sure you get to class on time. Now is the move into adulthood, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Of course, one key way to help you feel more grown-up is to change your surroundings to fit your new style, attitude, and freedom of expression. Change your environment and you’ll notice a subtle change in yourself.

Not sure how to decorate more adulty? Consider the following tips for taking your new Junction college apartment to the next level:

3 Tips on How to Make Your College Apartment Look More Grown-Up

  • Invest in the bathroom :: Sure, the bathroom isn’t the heart of your place. But it is going to be a shared space that is easily transformable from teenage angst gross into grown-up chic. First, get some (nice smelling) hand soap and pour it into an attractive bottle. This way you don’t have to look at a scum-covered dollar store plastic bottle every time you clean your hands. Then take things up a notch with matching bathroom towels and leave the beach towels for pool time use only. For extra toilet paper, buy a cute but cheap wicker basket to keep those excess rolls neatly out of sight.
  • Wall art deserves to be framed :: Frames are magical as they somehow transform what might look like a last minute art addition into the perfect art decor. So ditch the sticky tacky and Scotch tape and frame your favorite artwork, pictures, and other wall mementos. Best of all, with Ikea, plenty of College Station thrift stores, and online services like Framebridge, this adulting step doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Green up the space with some houseplants :: Being able to keep something alive (outside of yourself) is a key thing that separates the child from the adult. Plus, a few houseplants are ideal for livening up a space and have even been shown to improve the air quality of indoor spaces. Better air quality means a healthier and happier you. Good choices for those new to this green arena are jade, spider plants, and aloe. All of these plants are especially hardy and can do just fine with a few missed waterings.

Do you have your own ideas on sprucing up your Junction college apartment? Or do you need some decorating help? Our staff is always on hand and ready to assist with whatever your interior decorating inquiries might be!

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