Tips for Acing Early Morning Classes

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acing the early morning class

There are some lucky students who have the flexibility of getting that perfect course schedule that works for them. But most students aren’t so lucky, and even if you were this semester, chances are there is going to be a time when your degree requirements and work schedule requires you to take an extra-early morning class. And unless you are a natural morning riser, this class will be hard.

The good news is that many of us have already had to deal that dreaded 7 a.m. class and so we have some solid tips for those who are encountering it for the first time. Check it out fellow night owls and day lovers:

3 Tips for Waking Up On-Time & Acing Those Early Morning Classes

  1. Get organized the night before. One especially frustrating morning event for us evening birds is having to spend fifteen minutes every morning searching for our keys, books, and other items due to the brain fog of not being fully awake. Don’t fall in this trap. Wouldn’t you rather either spend an extra fifteen minutes in the sheets? Or enjoy a relaxing walk to class and not a mad dash? So instead, gather all your materials, set out your outfit, and put your essentials (keys, wallet, phone) all in one organized area the night before.
  2. Accountability partner. You aren’t alone in hating mornings. One of the hard parts about freshman year of college is that you don’t have a parent or grandparent or sibling to make sure you’re up and out the door at the correct time. In lieu of this, it can be helpful to exchange numbers with a friend who also has a morning class. Or, just a friend who loves waking up early! That way, you can keep each other accountable with friendly reminder texts each morning to encourage yourselves out of bed and on your way to class. Think this is odd? Check out this quirky podcast on one guy who has hired someone since 2006 to come over and wake him up every morning.
  3. Treat yo’ self. Caffeine is many peoples’ best friends for a reason. If putting the pot on is too much for you in the morning, consider cold brew options and having a nice cup ready to grab from the fridge at a moment’s notice. It’s also a good idea to use some incentives to amp yourself up for mornings in the long run. For example, if you make it to class on time every day, treat yourself to Starbucks the following Monday. This will give you something to look forward to and help push you into a better routine.

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