Tips to Best Celebrate Easter

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Whether or not you’re religious, Easter has some pretty magical facets that we love. As a kid, there’s the beauty of a secret bunny leaving us colorful eggs and baskets filled with candy to find. As a teenager, Easter is generally synonymous with either Spring Break or an extended weekend, warm weather, and a hearty feast.

Now that you’re in college, it’s time to take up the mantle of celebration preparation. Have fun and enjoy this springtime festival with the following Easter tips:

Four Tips to Best Celebrate Easter & Spring

  • DIY Egg Decoration.  Paint and other egg decoration techniques get to be much more satisfying as an adult than as a kid. That’s because you can experiment with more complicated designs. Go crazy with stickers, paints, and other artistic techniques.
  • Take a walk; pick some flowers.  Long before Easter became synonymous with Christianity, it was a pagan festival celebrating the spring equinox. It’s easy though to see why early Christian leaders sought to merge the resurrection of their savior with the festival celebrating the ‘resurrection’ of life via the warm days of spring. Take a moment this Easter to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, pick some wildflowers, and make yourself a little Easter bouquet.
  • Play Truth or Hare.  Planning an early graduation party? Combine it with an Easter theme and play a little game we like to call Truth or Hare. Here, you’ll begin preparations by grabbing a bunch of those plastic easter eggs typically used to hold goodies. Next, use your favorite jello shot recipe and fill half of the eggs with the concoction and half with scrolled up note listing a ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. Party participants then will grab an egg at random, either downing the shot or answering/completing the truth or dare component.
  • Bring your friends together for an Easter feast.  Festivals are all about feasts. If you’re missing your traditional family get-togethers, maybe home is too far away or you simply don’t have the time to go back and forth, then now is a great time to start your own traditions. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious with your recipe selection such as with this Sweet-Hot Plum-Glazed Ham or this Hot Cross Buns recipe.

Have something else planned this Easter? Or want to share your favorite egg decoration designs or Easter-oriented recipes? Sound off in the comments!

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