Texas A&M Voted Best Value College

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If you’re attending TAMU, you probably know it’s a great school and one of the best value colleges in the state. But it gets even better! Money magazine ranked Texas A&M 13th on it’s list of the 50 Best Colleges 2016-2017.

TAMU was one of three Texas schools included in the top 50. The school ranked high because of it’s low cost of in-state tuition, which is $23,900 for 2016-7. However, 54% of students receive financial aid, which brings the average cost of tuition with aid to $15,900.

While in school, students have access to “fiercely loyal alumni” who help as needed. After graduation, early career earnings are significantly higher than comparable public universities, and 49% of graduates who responded to the survey are in a job they consider meaningful.

The magazine also ranked the school as first in it’s list of “great schools you can actually get into.” The acceptance rate is 71%, with an average SAT score of 1180 and ACT score of 26.

705 colleges were ranked based on the cost of tuition, financial aid, percentage of students who receive financial aid, average student debt, early career salaries, and other criteria.

We’re obviously more than a little biased, but we’d have to agree with this survey!

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