2018 Swimming Suit Trends

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April is finally here and with it spring weather and near-summer temperatures. In College Station, April generally gets an average high of 79 degrees Fahrenheit — which is a sweet spot number when it comes to stripping down to the swimming suit and going for a swim. And being able to go for a swim just about whenever you want is one of the best perks of living at the Junction.

That’s because at the heart of Junction lies a lagoon-shaped resort-style pool surrounded by beach chairs. With the warm, sunny temperatures of April, we’re sure you’ll want to spend some times outdoors away from the textbooks and next to the water. But, before you go, you’ll need a swimsuit and if you’re not sure which swimsuit to get, consider the following hot 2018 bathing suit trends:

2018 Swimming Suit Trends

  1. Crocheted swimwear. Pieces like this Beach Bunny suit featuring either full or accent crochet are going to be big this year. And why not? Crochet bikinis and fuller suits have a nice folksy-retro that feels particularly appropriate in southern towns like College Station. Or, if you’re not ready to invest in a full crochet suit, consider a knit sarong or wrap to accent your favorite suit. Crafters check out this free pattern for some inspiration.
  2. Nontraditional prints and patterns. Okay, floral prints will always be in. But this year, expect to see an influx of more nontraditional prints and patterns at the pool and beachside. Things like clever sayings or funny prints and patterns, think the hairy chest swimsuit or shark-oriented suits, are likely to increase in popularity this year. This trend holds true for men’s swim fashion as well. Just take a look at these Tom & Teddy ‘Pineapple” swim trunks and Nikben’s ‘GoBananas” swim trunks to see what we mean.
  3. High-waisted two-pieces.  This is another swimsuit trend that started at the end of last summer and is set to explode this year with just about every major swimsuit brand boasting this look in their 2018 line-up… for good reason! High-waisted two-piece swimsuits are classy and make many body types look outstanding in them. Check out this nice guide from Cosmopolitan to see what we mean. You could even merge the high-waisted trend with the crochet trend for something like this high waist knit bikini.

Enjoy the Pool No Matter What You Wear

Of course, in the end, a swimsuit is a swimsuit and the important thing is taking a moment to de-stress and enjoy the great amenities available to you. So next time the sun is peeking out and you can’t read another word, grab your favorite suit and head down to your resort-style pool for some fun in the sun!


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