Summer Enrollment: Pros & Cons

summer enrollment pro con

So you’re back from spring break and you have your mid-term grades in hand? Now’s the time to put nose the grindstone and prep for those final papers and exams. It’s also time to make the big decision upon whether you want to continue on with courses through the summer, or do something else, like travel or work. TAMU summer enrollment begins the first week of April. So now it’s time to assess how well you’ve manged coursework, what courses you want to do next, and when. The following is a quick look at the pros and cons of taking on summer courses. We hope it’ll help you decide the best 2019 school calendar for you:

The Pros & Cons of Summer Course Enrollment at TAMU


  • Makes it easy to balance out fall/winter courses. If there is a course you’re dreading taking, such as a required Astronomy or Classic Literature class, then summer’s a great time to tackle just it so as to open your fall and winter to more enjoyable courses.
  • Fall course conflict? Summer opens it up. Likewise, if there was a course you were supposed to take already but couldn’t do it because of your fall and spring schedule, then summer offers a great opportunity to catch-up. Or if there’s a fall 2019 course you want to do but requires a prerequisite, then get it done in summer.
  • Smaller course sizes. Another great reason to take a harder course during the summer is due to the class sizes generally being much smaller. This means more one-on-one time with professors and an easier opportunity to connect with classmates.


  • The accelerated summer term can be rough. On the upside, getting hard coursework done fast can feel good… but it can also be rough. Be honest with yourself before enrolling about whether six weeks is too fast for you to take in a full semester’s worth of material.
  • Have other summer plans? Summer coursework might through a wrench in them. If you’re planning on working, interning, or traveling this summer, then you may find it hard to manage summer as well. Again, be honest with yourself and your time management capabilities.

Make Sure to Give Yourself Time Outs

If you do end up taking summer courses, just be sure to plan in some fun breaks. FOMO can get really intense during the summer, especially in your early college years. Your friends will likely have different plans and classmates you were used to running into might be away. So give yourself time to have fun, study, and relax to recharge and ensure a successful summer.

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