How to Make Your Junction Cottage & Townhomes Apartment Feel More Sophisticated

sophisticated student apartment

College is a very unique, a one-of-a-kind sort of magical transitory time of new independence and self-discovery. It’s a time you truly get to be away from your family and are capable of establishing yourself as yourself. It also means you make the choice of what type of home you want to create and live in. 

During your transition summer from high school to college, you probably have spent some time at friends’ or friends of friends apartments. In doing so, you almost certainly came across every stereotype of the first-year college apartment. This includes the row of empty or half emptied liquor bottles across the top of cabinetry, stolen signs nailed up on the walls, and windows with only blinds. While there is nothing inherently wrong about such decor, if you want to live in a place more sophisticated, more tied to your own transition into an adult, then there are much better decor options. And you don’t even have to break the bank to implement them! 

The following is a list of great apartment hacks for your Junction Cottages & Townhomes apartment. These are easy things that you can do to both changes the look and function or usability of your living space. Get started today!

Making Your Junction Cottage & Townhomes Apartment Feel More Sophisticated

  • Buy one quality central piece. One beautiful statement piece can really change the entire dynamic and feel of a room. A high-quality statement piece also gives you something to design around, adding smaller matching side items as you go on. So what type of piece are we talkng about? Beds, sofas, and dressers all are good choices as central items. The aim here, however, should be something that you absolutely love and intend to keep for at least throughout your college life if not well into your post-graduate years. 
  • Stock your bathroom. Another stereotype of first apartments includes either toilet paper piled up in roles on the back of the toilet or no toilet paper at all. Which is unfortunate because the bathroom is one of the most used places in your apartment. This is a space most of your guests are going to encounter at least once on their own and a place that you are regularly going to use. So why not spend some time to make it a place you enjoy being in? Start with ensuring you always have toilet paper, a box of tissues, and a nice space to keep extra rolls. Then, consider going a step further to including matching hand towels, scented hand soap, and your favorite scented candle.
  • Frame your artwork. If you’re tight on cash, then you may be discouraged by how much frames can cost. We get it! Sometimes framing is more than the actual art itself. But frames come with some key advantages that are often worth it. They separate and distinguish your art or posters, creating an aesthetically pleasing border. Frames also help protect artwork from dust and other things. You can score great deals on frames by hitting up flea markets and garage sales. 
  • Bring in the plants. Houseplants are an easy and beautiful way to transform your apartment. Plus, there are plants for every level of green thumb there is. If you have a constant problem with plants dying on you, then grab some succulents and create cute little terrariums like these that serve as the perfect side table accent. Or if you do like big and green, then there is a fantastic array of houseplants open to you. Fig tres, monsteras, ferns, and ivies all do amazingly well indoors. Such plants not only offer a touch of beauty but through their natural cycles, they help clean and purify the air around them. 
  • Add lighting. Overhead lights may be effective in producing a lot of light, but that light isn’t always the best. Single overhead lights are bright in the center and cast dim shadows around the edges of a room. This uneven lighting doesn’t really create a cozy or sophisticated atmosphere. Instead, what you should consider is updating to include several lighting sources in any given room. This does not mean add the tiny cheap lamps you get in the bargain bin. Instead, go for tall standing lamps as primary lighting sources and mid-sized table lamps or small hanging lamps to accent them. With nifty devices like this, you can easily control all the lights in a room at one spot, such as you do with the overhead light. 

Questions About Moving Into Your Junction Cottages & Townhomes Apartment? We’re Here to Assist

Are you getting ready for your moving day into the Junction Cottages & Townhomes? Or do you have questions about something in your apartment, such as the outlets or the appliances? If so, for any of your apartment or amenities-related questions, our team is here to assist! Don’t hesitate to call us up about any problems you might have so that we can schedule a maintenance visit at your earliest convenience. 

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