3 Summer Hacks for Better Pool Times

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It’s all about the amenities at The Junction Cottages & Townhomes! Here, we have a 24-hour clubhouse, state-of-the-art fitness center,  and fully stocked business center. But really, the best of everything lies at the very heart of the Junction Cottages & Townhomes. And that best-of is the stunning onsite resort-styled pool. This killer amenity teems with life during the hot summer days. But to enjoy the best out of pool life, consider the following summer hacks.

This is more than your standard rectangle swimming pool. The Junction pool features a lagoon shape and is surrounded by ‘extras’ like a pool house stocked with games and outdoor cabanas to escape the summer sun. It is a killer amenity that teems with resident activity, especially during the hot days of June, July, and August. But to enjoy the best out of pool life, consider the following three summer hacks…

3 of the Best Summer Hacks for Better Pool Time Fun

  1. DIY Bottle Locker.  This little summer hack is great whether you’re headed down to the Junction pool, Lake Bryan, or the beaches at the Gulf. Because, while we certainly trust our residents, carefree partying is only possible when you feel as though your belongings are safe and secure. To create this DIY sunscreen bottle locker, all you need to do is clean out an old sunscreen bottle and make a few appropriate cuts. And then, ta-dah! You get a fairly water-proof bottle locker to stash your keys, phone, and other little valuables. This is great for keeping everything together, and who but the fairest of skin thieves would bother to run off with it?
  2. Ice Tray Aloe Vera.  Tastemade recently made this amazing video on 8 Ways to Hack an Ice Tray. While we really do love all of these ideas, perhaps our favorite and most timely suggestion is pouring aloe gel into an ice tray, freezing it, and using the resulting aloe vera cubes to cool sunburns.
  3. Pool Noodles as Drink Holders.  Sometimes there’s nothing harder than getting out of the pool. Especially when it’s just to grab a drink. Stay cool and keep your beverages close with a DIY floating pool noodle holder this summer. You have a couple of different options for this. Either keep a bunch of drinks bobbing in a beverage boat with this DIY design, or create these independent floaties with some extra large zipties.

Do you love swimming? Relaxing with your toes in the water? Sunbathing next to outdoor cabanas? If you aren’t a resident now, it’s time you should be. Contact us today to learn more about the resort pool and many other amenities as The Junction Cottages & Townhomes.

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