What Appliances Should I Bring to College?

As you enter a new semester, or maybe you’re looking forward to entering your first year in college, one important question to ask yourself is what can appliances should you bring? What types of appliances should you upgrade? What type of food have you been missing most as you’ve lived here at the Junction Cottages & Townhomes? All important questions and ones that ought to help start you thinking about the best appliances for your home.

That said, going down the home and kitchen aisle in any box store or specialty shop can quickly be overwhelming will all the variety. Even looking at something as seemingly simple as a “blender” online will result in so many choices that you might feel like slamming the computer off in frustration. So if you’re hitting a wall and don’t know quite what you need, we hope the following quick guide of top kitchen appliances will help.

What Appliances to Bring (or Upgrade) to Your Junction Cottages & Townhomes Apartment

Magic Bullet Blender, Small 11 Piece Set

This blender is fantastic thanks to just how effortless it is. If you are making fruit or vegetable juices or mixing together a protein shake, you will mix the ingredients in a cup that you can then drink from. This makes clean-up an incredible breeze and, with a waterproof, screw-top lid, makes your drinks portable.

In addition to drinks, you can use a blender of this caliber for things like grinding your coffee beans and blending spices, sauces, and more. Because of this specific blender’s extreme versatility, small size, and low price, it makes for a fantastic choice for the college kitchen.

Single-Basket Compact Air Fryer

Forget microwaves. The compact air fryer is the ultimate college or young adult appliance when it comes to cooking. And yes, you can fully use an air fryer as a microwave and will actually get a better result. Especially when it comes to reheating things like pizza and potato-based dishes. This is because an air fryer uses hot air while a microwave uses microwave radiation to heat and reheat food. This differing heat source results in crispier foods and not the steamy, soggy fare you often get as a result of the microwave.

All of your favorite frozen foods, including things like cheeseburgers and roasted potatoes, can be thrown into an air fryer. It really is that versatile. Additionally, you can use air fryers as you’ve probably seen on television sets to fry up some delicious wings and fresh-cut fries. Note, however, cleaning up these types of foods can get messy but most will find the effort well worth the results.

Dash Express Griddle

A griddle is an appliance that all college students won’t need, but for certain college students, it will be their absolute go-to appliance. As with many appliances, there are different types of griddles. The word “griddle” really refers to a flat cooking surface and you can find something like this plane rectangular griddle that can be put on top of an existing stovetop. These types of basic griddles can come in particularly handy for camping as you can cook everything on one easy flat surface.

But while there are certainly benefits to having such a simple griddle in your kitchenware, when it comes to college appliances to buy, what we’re talking about is something like the Dash Express Griddle. This circular griddle you can put in an easily accessible part of your countertop, plug-in, and use it without the use of your stove or oven. It’s a good choice because it’s pretty powerful and you’ll be able to quickly do something like cook a breakfast quesadilla quickly and without issue. This appliance also gets a bonus for being incredibly easy to clean. Again, while not for everyone, this is a must-have for students who want something to make breakfast easier or who like to make hot sandwiches or paninis.

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a must-have appliance for students who hate cooking. This because of just how easy it is to cook with them and just how good and healthy the resulting food is. For many, many slow cooker recipes, all you have to do is throw the ingredients in, type in the right settings, and let it do its thing. Here is a quick list of over 20 meals even the most novice chef can enjoy with a slow cooker. The one caveat with the sow cooker is both a positive and a negative. Because you will typically leave them simmering for many hours, they will make your Junction Cottages & Townhomes apartment smell delicious for many hours. Of course, this can make your roommate (and yourself) very hungry and frustrated as you wait for it to finish.

Questions About Existing Appliances? Contact Our Front Staff

Your Junction Cottage & Townhomes apartment comes with a modern kitchen equipped with your standard quality appliances like a refrigerator and stove. If you have questions about these appliances or anything else about your apartment, don’t hesitate to give our front desk a call.