Great NYE Resolutions to Improve Short & Long-term Habits

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New Years Resolutions

So you had a stellar New Year’s Eve party and now it’s time to get back to school and work. But before you do, why not take a moment to consider the changes you want to make for 2019? College is an exciting time of changes, it’s also a time where you start to find the habits that you’ll keep for the long-term. The following is a look at some good New Year’s resolution ideas that can pave the way for good short and long-term habit changes:

Great NYE Resolutions to Improve Short & Long-term Habits

  • Get a credit card but enact self-limitations. There’s no time like the present to start building up your credit so that in the future you can do things like lease a car and buy a home with ease. One of the big things that creditors will look at when doing such things is the length of credit. So consider opening up a credit card but be wary and enact strict limitations on yourself. For example, only ever use it for things you need, put a limit on yourself (such as $100 during each credit period), and paying the card immediately after you receive the statement.
  • Be specific about your sleep hours. Don’t just try and “get more sleep”, name a specific number of hours that you want to aim for. For example, commit to getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night and write down how you’re going to achieve that. Maybe you need to have an hour of no-screens before bed or you sleep best after exercising. Keep a sleep journal and take note of what helps you get the most sleep. Remember, good sleep habits improve your mental focus and physical energy, both of which can greatly enhance you do in school and later on in your career.
  • Try something new or different at least once a month. There’s an old quote that goes, “Do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” It’s a good reminder that in order to improve and change, we have to change how we approach things. Make a commitment to do something new or otherwise step out of your comfort zone at least once a month. This might mean anything from attending a lecture on something you haven’t studied before or inviting that cute colleague out to lunch for the first time. It’s hard for many people to break out of their routine, but you never know what outstanding results are waiting for you once you do.

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