3 Tips For Hosting the Best Summer Cookout

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The Junction Cottages & Townhomes boasts many attractive amenities like a pool house loaded with games and state-of-the-art fitness center complete with multi-function weight training machines. But one of the most simple yet most desirable amenities is arguably this luxury student housing location’s many onsite outdoor gathering areas. These outdoor spaces feature wooden chair swings, Adirondack chairs, fire pits, and grills ideal for summer BBQs.

Nothing say summertime in Texas like a group of friends gathering to eat some classic cookout fare. Especially when it’s done outside under the wide summer skies. Honestly, grilling food and swapping recipes is one of the most tried and true ways of bonding with new friends and roommates. So, if you’re looking to establish yourself in your new community and meet new friends, then you absolutely should consider hosting a summer BBQ at one of the onsite grilling areas. Make this a backyard cookout to remember with these simple tips:

3 Tips For Hosting the Best Summer Cookout

  1. Keep the food simple.  Great barbecues are all about being casual. This is not a time to stress out and go overboard on menu items. Instead, focus on providing the basics, like two-meat oriented items (think burgers, ribs, sausages) and an easy veggie option (roasted potatoes or onion/red pepper/tomato skewers are always big hits). Then when inviting friends, roommates, and down-the-hall neighbors simply suggest they bring a small dish. If you do plan on doing more than just store-bought burgers and sausages, plan to marinate meat 24 hours before party time to boost flavor. Also, desserts are always a slam dunk despite being incredibly easy to provide. Just grab a carton of ice cream and a pie during your grocery shopping.
  2. Grab a low-key game or two.  Your main priority will probably be the food, but some of your guests might not be content with just talking while the meat sizzles. Provide those antsy friends with a few low-key games like bocce ball or horseshoes.
  3. Pack a playlist.  If you don’t have it already, consider getting some decent portable Bluetooth and/or wireless speakers you can hook your smartphone up to. Use it to share a summer playlist (aim for between 50 to 100 songs) during your backyard cookout. Not sure what to play? Check out laidback and summer light songs. Or, set up a collaborative playlist on Spotify and invite everyone to plug-in their favorites.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll enjoy a laid-back yet Snap-chat memorable summer cookout. Have any favorite entertaining tips or cookout recipes? Share your flavor in the comments!




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