Be Different with a Volunteer Vacation

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Sure, South Padre Island might sound like an exciting and alluring spring break. But not every student loves drinking and partying on the beach for an entire week, and even those who do, know there are likely some better options. Options like giving back, helping others, and improving the environment with a volunteer vacation.

Volunteer vacations won’t just make you feel good. These are great ways to build up a resume, gain new skills, give you an edge on next year’s scholarships, and meet others with similar life goals. Plus, you can save money for a bigger and better summer break trip.

Need some guidance on getting started? Here are a few great volunteer vacation opportunities to consider:

3 Great Volunteer Vacation Opportunities

  • United Way.  United Way has been hosting highly immersive Alternative Spring Breaks for nearly a decade now. These projects offer college students the chance to make real impacts on projects most relevant to communities. Service projects range from cultivating community gardens with positive youth development to building homes in disaster zones. This year’s list of community locations include nearby Fort Hood, TX and New Orleans, LA.
  • American Hiking Society.  Looking to get away from the world for awhile? With the American Hiking Society you’ll be a part of a 6-15 person crew (plus leader) that spends a week out building, repairing, or otherwise maintaining hiking trails. These projects also include time set aside for exploration and fun times. Times like enjoying the sunny beaches as a part of Florida’s Talbot Islands State Park project. Research the available volunteer vacations here where you can find out more about available states, lodgings and work.
  • EarthWatch.  Love the idea of being outdoors, but aren’t so keen on hiking? Check out EarthWatch Expeditions where alternative vacation opportunities include things like unearthing ancient history in Tuscany. Or maybe you’d rather help gather vital information for better leopard conservation efforts in South Africa. Note that most of these projects are more expensive than the aforementioned options. But they also provide for some pretty unforgettable opportunities.

For more budget-friendly volunteer vacations that meet your desired location, cause, and skill levels, spend some time over on Don’t forget to sound off on social media! Let us know what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to spend your time doing this spring break!

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