College Fall Fashion Essentials

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Fall Fashion Essentials for College Students

The cool evenings of autumn and winds of early winter are fast approaching College Station. This means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, bonfires out back, and late nights cramming for mid-terms and finals. But for all of that, you’re going to need the right outfits for comfort and fashion’s sake. Not sure if you grabbed the right things from home? Check out the following quick list of our top fall fashion essentials every College Station gal (and many a guy) needs:

4 College Station Fall Fashion Essentials

  1. Loose fitting sweater.  A loose, comfortable sweater is a must for every college student and for every autumn season. They’re the ideal thing to have when those Aggie football games go late and become post-party outdoor celebrations. They’re also what you want when you’re looking to cozy up with your textbooks during a late night study sesh. Or to wear out for that hot date. Get your school pride on with these options and pair with boots. Whether those boots are high fashion or combat-style, everything goes great with sweaters.
  2. The latest in denim wear.  Even for that woman who loves high-fashion dresses, there are days that will call for a pair of sharp-looking denim jeans. A good denim collection should include classics like skinny jeans and comfort options. Maybe even some distressed versions in there (although fashionistas say that trend has run its course this year). For this fall, if you want to stay on the latest cusp of trending looks, check out the cropped, straight-leg silhouette look as seen here.
  3. A stable of scarves.  Scarves are another fall essential, but one that you can never really have too many of. Fall scarves both look great and are practical for keeping warm when the cold-weather winds pick up. If you’re new to the world of scarves, begin with a chunky infinity version like this. Then build up your collection with long and thin winter options and stylish plaid wraps and capes.
  4. A lucky hat.  Hats aren’t necessarily for everyone. But if you find the right version for you, it can transform an outfit from plain into fashion-forward. Your early college years are the perfect time to experiment with new hat looks. Try out the classical beanie, bucket hat, and cap.

What are your favorite go-to fall outfits? Do you know of any other trending fashion items or fashion musts that others should add to their closet? Share with us in the comments!


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