Christmas Playlists

The Christmas season is back in session. Which means that in addition to putting up the holiday decorations and stockpiling egg nog, it’s also time to switch up the music and play cozy holiday tunes. Even those people who don’t technically celebrate this holiday (*scrooges*) often find themselves nodding along to annual favorites.

So, whether you look forward each year to wrapping presents with your favorite Christmas classics or you simply enjoy hearing new holiday renditions as the weather gets colder, the following are some great Christmas playlists that’ll bring you cheer:

Must-Hear Christmas Playlists

  • The Best Duets.  It’s not just that ‘the more, the merrier’ is often true (although there is that), but there’s simply something magical about hearing two singers collaborate and perform together. This playlist is packed with great musical mashups, including a Snoop Dogg + Anna Kendrick version of Winter Wonderland.
  • Christmas Classics with Holidays with the Obamas.  If you’re feeling glum about the Obamas vacating the Oval Office, comfort yourself with this list of holiday classics curated by the First Family. This Spotify playlist is a must for those who love the traditional Christmas tune musts like Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song and The First Noel sung by Sinatra. Or opt for more modern carols with Barack’s BFF’s playlist, Holidays with the Bidens.
  • Christmas Remixed.   If you find all of the above still too slow and old to enjoy, then check out this Christmas Remixed playlist. This series of Christmas songs features over 20 house remixes of all the classes.
  • A Punk Rock Christmas.  If you prefer music with a bit more bite, then you’ll want to subscribe to one of the many lists of punk rock Christmas mixes available on Spotify and elsewhere. Sadly, while this amazing punk-loving mix was built to include over two hours of the best fast paced and original Christmas-themed tunes, it is no longer available complete on Spotify (although you’re certainly welcome to recreate it yourself from the list). There is, however, this pretty great built and loaded alternative playlist for those who would rather just click and play.

Want to add your own Christmas-themed playlist for others to enjoy? Link in the comments!

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