Celebrating Easter in College Station

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The holidays of Good Friday and Easter are just around the corner. While this means an extended weekend and no classes for TAMU students, it also means the start of Spring and for some a very important religious celebration. Maybe you’re used to celebrating that at home, in church, or with friends. In any case, if you aren’t going home and aren’t sure of what to do this Easter weekend in College Station, the following are a few good ideas for ringing in the new season:

3 Ways to Celebrate Easter in College Station

  • Brunch. Easter, just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, has some pretty heavy culinary traditions. Especially as traditionally, Christians fast for the forty days before Lent with many abstaining from meat. So once the special Sunday rolls around, it’s all about breaking out the ham, lamb, and specialty beef dishes. For those salivating at the thought of traditional Easter foods, then we recommend making reservations now for Easter brunch at Stella Southern Cafe or Christopher’s World Grille. Both offer exclusive Easter brunch items and both are big favorites and must-haves when you have family in town.
  • Have a picnic. An Easter picnic is a perfect choice if you’d prefer to dine outside and pack your own brunch delights. Plus, when you live at the Junction at College Station, you don’t have to go far to find a nice patch of grass to enjoy the afternoon. John Crompton Park and its grass knolls overlooking the pond is just a quick walk away. Gabbard Park, Bee Creek Park, and Aggie Park are also close and offer beautiful picknicking backdrops. Maybe grab a couple of kites and have a fly-off with your friends before cracking open the sodas?
  • Spring clean and shop. Okay sure, cleaning isn’t exactly the most exciting way to spend a weekend. But for some, a couple of days off and roommates traveling home add up to create a perfect cleaning opportunity. So go ahead and break out the duster, vacuum, mop, and other supplies and get down to a full-scale clean. Then, when you’re done, you may just find some extra room for some new furnishings, or inspiration for new projects.

Whatever You Do, Take a Moment to Breathe in the Spring

Whichever activity you choose, don’t forget to take a moment to pause and breathe in the spring. April, May, and June are some of the prettiest months in this part of Texas and deserve to be appreciated. Plus, exams are coming swiftly and then there will be little time to pause. So for whatever activities you choose, we hope you enjoy the Easter weekend!

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