Getting Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

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As to be expected, the coronavirus pandemic elicited a lot of scientific studies. Researchers and scientists the world over have studied everything from how the virus spread to how to treat it. One such avenue of research done by the Department of Homeland Security indicated that coronavirus seemed to be weakened by exposure heat, humidity, and sunlight. Now, that doesn’t … Read More

Tips for Landing That First Entry-Level Job

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finding job after college

Are you done with restaurant gigs? Want to do some work experimentation with a part-time job in the field you’re pursuing? Or maybe you’re about to graduate and want to line-up gigs for summer? Wherever you are in your life, it is never too early and it is never too late to start researching and prepping your application and interview … Read More

Best Budgeting Tools

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It’s no secret that the public school system typically fails when it comes to teaching personal finance and budgeting. Ironically, we live in an age in which personal finance skills are at their most needed. It can be so hard to be a student on a budget, especially if you try and compare your spending always with those around you.  … Read More

Take Advantage of a Long Break

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With winter break fast approaching, you likely fall in one of two camps — you either know exactly what you’re going to do or you have no idea. One of the unique aspects of college life that separates it from full-on adulting is that, as a student, you have several long breaks from classwork to take advantage of. Winter break, … Read More

Texas Weekend of Remembrance

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tamu weekend of remembrance

Memorial Day is more than just a Monday to sleep in on. This American Holiday was originally known as Decoration Day to commemorate those military members who died in the Civil War. Then, in 1971, it became an official federal holiday to commemorate men and women who died while serving the U.S. military during any event. Of course, things change … Read More

Why Cats are Great College Companions

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One of the great qualities about the Junction Cottages & Townhomes is that it’s especially pet-friendly. Just around the corner of the Clubhouse, you’ll find a nifty Dog Spa pet washing station that makes it easy to clean off dogs before you bring them indoors. But dogs aren’t the only pet companion you can bring into your apartment at the … Read More

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in College Station

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college station valentines day

Did you know that most historians agree that Valentine’s Day’s original origins can be traced back to a pre-Roman pastoral festival? Called the Lupercalia, this ancient festival included animal sacrifices in order to turn away evil spirits and release health and fertility among the citizens. While today no one’s sacrificing any goats (that we know of), during Valentine’s Day couples … Read More

Prepping for the Armadillo Dash Half Marathon

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college student half marathon training

Have you been hitting the treadmill at the Cottages’s onsite fitness center? Or maybe your new year’s resolution for 2019 was to do more athletic events? In either case, one thing to look forward to for those looking to stretch those legs is the annual Armadillo Dash Half Marathon. The Armadillo Dash Half Marathon will take place on March 1st … Read More