Easy Grilled Dinners

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Fall classes are back in session, Labor Day is just around the corner, and football games or on the calendar; all of which means that easy grilled dinners are on the menu. Us Texans know that there is no better time to enjoy the grill station than the fall when the days are still long and the evening temperatures are … Read More

Texas A&M Voted Best Value College

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If you’re attending TAMU, you probably know it’s a great school and one of the best value colleges in the state. But it gets even better! Money magazine ranked Texas A&M 13th on it’s list of the 50 Best Colleges 2016-2017. TAMU was one of three Texas schools included in the top 50. The school ranked high because of it’s low … Read More

Adding Bohemian Style to Your Student Apartment

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Do your friends describe you as eclectic or odd? Do you dream of traveling the country in a camping van? You might be a boho in formation! But what to do about that student apartment that just doesn’t fit your idea of a bohemian style? We’re here to help with these tips for adding bohemian style to your student apartment! … Read More

Graduation Announcements for College Students

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You’ve turned in all your papers, you’ve taken every final, and now the only thing left to do is collect the sweet reward for 4 years (or more, for you Super Seniors) of hard work. Graduation announcements are the norm for high school seniors, but not enough people send them out for college. They’re the perfect way to let your … Read More

College Kitchen Essentials

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So your stay in the dorms is over and you’re moving into your first student apartment! It’s not going to be perfect, but you’re definitely going to love the feeling of independence it’ll give you. First, though, you’re going to need to stock up on a few college kitchen essentials. If you don’t yet have a bed or other furniture, … Read More

Funny Doormats

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10 Cute and Funny Doormats What better way to set the tone for your college domicile than with a greeting that will prepare your guests for the best time of their lives? But who wants to spend time researching doormats when they could be enjoying time at the pool? We went ahead and did the hard work for you by finding the top … Read More

5 Ways to Create an On Fleek Prime Pantry Box

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If you don’t have a car, shopping in college can be a pain. Grocery stores aren’t always close enough to walk to and the campus convenience stores are usually way understocked and overpriced. Luckily there’s an easier and cheaper way to get what you need: Amazon Prime Pantry. Online shopping is one of the greatest inventions in human history and … Read More

Finding Your Graduation Style

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Since you’ll be covered from neck to shin in a bulky robe, you can technically wear whatever you want on graduation day. However, you might want to think twice about your graduation style (e.g. going commando under that well-earned robe) because there usually isn’t much time between the ceremony and whatever you have planned afterwards. Dinner with the family might … Read More

10 Best Restaurants in College Station

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Whether it’s a 3am kebab or a 6am covered and smothered hash brown, eating out with your squad is a mainstay of college life. In honor of that tradition, we’ve collected the top ten restaurants in College Station as rated by Yelp. We’ve even included a few nicer places to eat for when your parents visit! Top Ten Restaurants in College … Read More