Adding Bohemian Style to Your Student Apartment

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Do your friends describe you as eclectic or odd? Do you dream of traveling the country in a camping van? You might be a boho in formation! But what to do about that student apartment that just doesn’t fit your idea of a bohemian style? We’re here to help with these tips for adding bohemian style to your student apartment!

Adding Bohemian Style to Your Apartment

Fairy Lights

No bohemian apartment would be complete without fairy lights. Our favorite trick is to loop them around the ends of your curtain rods. It creates this really cozy look with more style than typical. Just make sure to keep the fabric away from the lights and only turn them on when you are in the room!

We love: Rosette Globe Lights, $14.99

Layered Bedding

More is more when it comes to boho bedding. Create lots of layers with a comforter or duvet, cozy blankets, and tons of pillows. Be creative with patterns and colors. If you’re not sure what colors to use, stick with a theme: jewel tones, pastels, or whites and creams. You know your bed is ready when it’s soft enough to make a bed angel.

We love: Tufted Dot Duvet, $129

Gauzy Fabrics

Sheer fabrics add a certain dreamy feeling and are a must have for boho style. You can use sheer curtains to add filtered light (the best light for selfies!). Up it even more by installing a bed canopy (Ikea has a super cheap option). Wall tapestries (the dorm room must have) usually come in really lightweight and sheer fabrics. But you can also use scarves (Amazon is a great source for affordable options), which come in more colors and patterns.

We love: Ikea Bryne Canopy Net, $19

Beautiful Artwork

Tons of art on your walls is a must have for the modern-day bohemian. Now is the time to try out all of those gorgeous DIY projects you’ve been pinning. Think gallery walls, painted rocks, weavings and unframed posters. Fill a glass jar with found objects from beach trips. Tack up your favorite posters with washi tape. And don’t forget about plants! They’re living works of art.

We love: Echeveria Art Print, $20.80

Layered Rugs

Area rugs are a bit too formal for the typical college student, so layer smaller rugs. You can mix and match patterns to add even more style. Ikea and Target have tons of options that are affordable and stylish. Layer a faux sheepskin on top of a kilim or a t-shirt rug on top of a jute.

We love: Threshold Giamei Rug, $59.99

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