Tips to Prep Your Perfect Graduation Outfit(s)

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Sure, the typical unflattering polyester graduation gown and flat square hat aren’t the epitome of high fashion by any standard. But you will have an opportunity to show off your personal style and/or comfort during this special event. In fact, you may need more than one if you choose to celebrate with your friends at their graduations (TAMU has separate … Read More

Tips to Best Celebrate Easter

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Whether or not you’re religious, Easter has some pretty magical facets that we love. As a kid, there’s the beauty of a secret bunny leaving us colorful eggs and baskets filled with candy to find. As a teenager, Easter is generally synonymous with either Spring Break or an extended weekend, warm weather, and a hearty feast. Now that you’re in … Read More

4 Irish-Inspired Recipes

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Despite Irish Catholics having celebrated St. Patrick’s Day as a religious holiday for thousands of years (RIP St. Patrick), the extravagant holiday parades and blow-out celebrations we know and love today were largely developed by Irish men and women who fled to America during the 18th and 19th centuries. Since then, the day, week, and even the whole month of … Read More

Be Different with a Volunteer Vacation

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Sure, South Padre Island might sound like an exciting and alluring spring break. But not every student loves drinking and partying on the beach for an entire week, and even those who do, know there are likely some better options. Options like giving back, helping others, and improving the environment with a volunteer vacation. Volunteer vacations won’t just make you … Read More

February Hikes Near College Station

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February is shaping up to be a beautiful month in and around College Station, Tx. The forecast says plenty of sunny days in the mid-60s, low 70s with just a few days of late winter rains. You know what beautiful weather calls for? Some time spent outdoors! This area offers some of our state’s most stunning natural sights with no shortage of hiking … Read More

Creative Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

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There are plenty of classroom crushes and dorm romances that will come and go, but there are only a few best friends ready and willing to weather the ups and downs and be there for you when it’s time to move on. So as Valentine’s day rolls around this year, call up your BFFs and set aside Monday the 13th … Read More

Get Fit in 2017

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College courses and academic life are undoubtedly set up to help you succeed in your career and life goals. Unfortunately, college life itself can set you up for a bit of failure when it comes to your overall health. From the stress of final exams, apartment parties and all-nighters, not to mention the notoriously easy access you have to the cafeteria’s unlimited … Read More

4 Fun DIY Planner Ideas

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It’s important to challenge yourself with ambitious new year’s resolutions and goals as they will help propel you forward in life. However, as author Antoine de Saint-Exupery once mused, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Planners are key for mapping out milestones, staying organized, and keeping users on track to meet their goals. While there are plenty … Read More

Christmas Playlists

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The Christmas season is back in session. Which means that in addition to putting up the holiday decorations and stockpiling egg nog, it’s also time to switch up the music and play cozy holiday tunes. Even those people who don’t technically celebrate this holiday (*scrooges*) often find themselves nodding along to annual favorites. So, whether you look forward each year to … Read More

Birchbox Style Gift Box

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Birchbox is the verifiable OG of beauty subscription boxes. They may not have technically pioneered the beauty subscription model, but they certainly have become the gold standard. People love the simplicity of the box itself and its introduction of new and exciting beauty and skincare products to the receiver. It’s an opportunity to try different samples every time you open. … Read More